Monday, October 5, 2015

Truthful tidbits from my not-so-put-together life

I've had quite a few people tell me that my life looks so put together. That it's picture perfect. Well my friends, this may be attributed to the unfortunate and all too common mask of social media. As proof, here are a few random tidbits from my not-so-put-together life.

Truth: When I was a kid I used to pray to God every night that I would have blue eyes. Every morning I would rush to the mirror to see if my prayer worked only to be disappointed to see my brown eyes staring back at me again. Thanks mom and dad for those brown-eyed genes. It was quite soul-crushing as a child.

Truth: My fingers are turning orange because I eat copious amounts of carrots and pumpkin and it looks like I have a bad spray tan. Oh well.

Truth: Before I had Kai I was obsessed with my dog and cat. Now they are literally the most annoying things on the planet. If you think you have pets more annoying than mine, you're wrong. Mine win. According to my sister, this too, shall about 8 more months or so.

Truth: Kai frequently throws up all over me(it's part of his charm). I wipe off my clothes with a cloth and keep wearing them. Again and again. Because if we're being honest why would I spend time washing them if he's just going to throw up on me again, right?

Truth: I'm obsessed with plants. I want to fill my entire house with them. But if I don't end up killing them myself(which is about a 50/50 chance) my stupid cat eats them all. Fake plants it is.

Truth: Right before I got pregnant I chopped off all of my hair because I figured if I didn't like it my hair grows super fast. Well, I didn't like it. And my hair has grown about an inch total in the 11 months since. Saddest thing of my life(insert belittling comment about my vanity here).

Truth: Ever since Kai was born I've wanted to bake ALL THE THINGS. So I excitedly look up recipes and buy all of the ingredients only to have them sit in my pantry untouched because who has time(or brain cells) to bake from scratch when you have a newborn at home?

Truth: I've already decided where I want to move next. Not because Virginia isn't lovely or we won't have a job here after grad school but after a year or two in one place I'm ready to move on to the next. Too bad moving all the time without a real reason is expensive, time-consuming, and just not practical. Adulting is hard sometimes.

Truth: People come to my house and always comment on how crafty and creative I am. I'm not. I'm just really good at following directions off of the internet.

Truth: From high school until about halfway through college I ran 5-6 days a week. I would wake up every morning dreading the run for that day and I hated it. One morning I woke up and decided there were other ways I could stay healthy and fit so I stopped running. I felt like I had finally been released from prison and it was one of the most joyous moments of my life.

Truth: Hair products don't work on me. Messy hair is my birthright.

Now excuse me while I go perusing through cyberspace, full of beautiful and talented bloggers, wishing my life was every bit as picture perfect as theirs. Oh, and here is a picture with Kai, since I know this is the real reason you all visit my blog in the first place. =)


  1. You have the travel bug. I approve.

    1. I attribute it to the lack of getting to travel at all during college haha. Fortunately, Ryan could care less where we live.

  2. You're such a good writer!! I love it :)

    1. Haha thanks. Not nearly as good of a writer as you though! I just layer everything with sarcasm and call it writing. =)