Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall in Virginia

Apple cider donuts are heaven sent.

Fall in Virginia is a beautiful thing. The soft greens of summer are replaced by vibrant shades of Autumn painted all over the city. The colors come on suddenly and brilliantly and are gone far too soon. There's a line of cars a mile long through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains to try to catch a glimpse before the leaves fall. The suffocating heat is replaced by cool, crisp mornings and chilly evenings. A sense of hope and excitement hovers in the air as stores start to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. People stand up a little straighter and if you look just right you can almost see a new spring in their step. The scarves are dug out and the boots are put on. You can find a pumpkin flavor added to just about every item on the shelf. The orchards are stocked full with their famous apple cider donuts. And these only start to scratch the surface of what it means to experience this season here.

When I lived in California the air grew cool in the fall but there were no other outward signs of change. When I lived in Florida the air stayed hot and the trees stayed green. So Virginia, we might not be on the best terms all the time and as time goes on I'm going to grow restless of your too small mountains and overpriced cost of living. But for now I think I'll keep you around because I might just be falling in love.

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  1. A beautiful sentiment! I'll be experiencing that next week, in Ohio -- it's my favorite time of year!