Sunday, March 6, 2016

7 Months

Time sure flies. Kai has figured out how to roll all over the place since last month so this has been by far the most difficult shoot with him. Most of the pictures on my camera are either blurry or look something like this.

I did however get a few photos with his face in the frame. Distraction is a wonderful thing. Here we go.

His sticker lasted about 30 seconds before it was promptly ripped off and placed in the mouth...

Age: 7 months

Size: Onesies are still 3-6 months but pajamas and pants are mostly 6-9 months simply because he is so freakishly tall. Diapers: Still size 3

Height/Weight: A few weeks ago he was still in the 50% for weight but had climbed up to the 97% for height. This kid is growing like a weed.

Eyes: Grayzel. I think they might just stay this pretty color.

Hair: Brown

Sleeping: We've finally made a breakthrough! The breakthrough is that I nurse him between 2am and 3am and then I turn off his monitor and ignore him for the rest of the night. Call me cruel but I think if he were screaming hard enough I would wake up without the monitor. So I'm just going to assume if he wakes up again between 2-3am and 7am he just puts himself back to sleep.

Eating: This boy loves his solids. Well, he loves his fruit. Pear takes the prize for his all time favorite. If I'm feeding him pears then I switch to a spoonful of something like sweet potatoes or avocado he gives me an immediate look of utter betrayal and refuses to open his mouth anymore. Still nursing like a champ when we're in the calm quiet of a dark nursery. If we're out and about the distractions are far too tempting so we can forget about trying to nurse and I just make sure to pack plenty of other foods for him.


  • Mary and Zedd(the dog and cat). He is literally obsessed with these two and every time he spots one of them a big smile creeps across his face. Every time they get on my last wit I calmly remind myself that they are going to be some of Kai's best friends growing up. Then my heart melts a little and all is forgiven.
  • Getting tickled and tossed
  • Pears(as mentioned)
  • Being held as long as we're always on the move
  • Piano music. Every day(sometimes twice a day) I take him up to the music room and play piano for him and he gets the biggest smile on his face when we open the door. He'll lay on the floor and listen to me play for as long as I want(which gives me a nice break as well).
  • His pacifier
  • Playing with his dad's face
  • Talking/screaming to himself
  • Being outside
  • Getting his face wiped
  • Getting dressed
  • Vegetables
  • Being set down