Tuesday, June 28, 2016

10 Months

Can you believe this happy little guy had a high fever in all of these pictures? Rest assured the misery and tears set in a few hours later.

Age: 10(almost 11) months

Size: Still mostly 6-9 months. Size 4 diapers.

Eyes: Definitely seems like they're turning more straight hazel the past couple weeks.

Hair: Brown.

Teeth: Two new teeth, making the total 8. =)

Eating: Being picky about solids but nursing like a champ. Pretty sure he's going to nurse forever because I can't get him to take a bottle, sippy cup, straw, etc. Any tips?

Sleeping: On and off with how he well he sleeps but on average he's only up once a night to nurse(which is amazing).

Likes: He finally started crawling this month! He is so much happier being able to explore on his own. Other than that, clapping, going up and down the stairs(with help), reading his favorite book, music, the cat and dog, walking around on dad's shoulders, and being paid attention to.

Dislikes: When someone leaves the room, people eating in front of him and not sharing, getting his clothes/diaper changed, not getting enough attention.

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  1. I see TEETH! He's a beautiful boy! Aunt Theresa