Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kai Thomas - 2 and a half weeks new

I meant to do this post around the one week mark, but I'm still suffering from a bad case of PUPPP(note: all of those doctors who told me I would be cured immediately upon delivery obviously lied to my face) and between that and a fussy new baby things don't always  never get done when you want them to. This little guy has been a handful to say the least, but he has a way of making your heart turn into a puddle on the floor so I guess we'll keep him around for now. =) Kai is one strong little dude. At one week, he could hold up his head on his own when he was mad or hungry. By two weeks he could roll onto his side and almost roll from his stomach to his back. He's already starting to grab things and knock things down. By the time he's a month old we're fully expecting him to perform all kinds of impressive acrobatics.

He is the spitting image of Ryan, from the shape of his eyes, to his little cleft chin, to the one dimple on the left side of his face, to his ears, and even a cowlick in the same spot on his hairline. That just means his personality has to take after me, right? Poor Ryan if that rings true.

On a different note, newborn pictures ended up a major fail. I was dreaming of those sweet, innocent, sleeping newborn baby pictures to hang on my wall but Kai had other plans. You see, he doesn't like to sleep. Not during the day and not in the middle of the night. He would much rather be looking around at his surroundings, kicking his legs, and absentmindedly performing his own made-up sign language with his hands. I even bought some of those cute little newborn wraps to take his photos in. It only took him about .2 seconds to break himself free so we just went with it. The messy look suits his personality anyways. Let's just say I won't be handing in my resume as a newborn photographer anytime soon. Oh well. 

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  1. The pics turned out great, and you look fantastic, Allison! Motherhood looks good on you. Congrats, and wish we could meet him!